Exercise is far more effective than dieting in helping you to control your weight. When you make love, you’re exercising, but you can’t do it vigorously enough to make much difference.

A passionate kiss is worth between 6 and 12 calories. That means that kissing your loved one passionately twice a day for a year and keeping all other factors the same will help you to lose only one pound. Hardly worth it.

Foreplay is n’t worth much either. The most you can burn is 100 calories an hour. You can burn 600 calories an hour chopping wood. Studies at the University of Rome, done in a calorimeter, show that when you really make love, it makes a difference how you do it. The passive participant burns only 100 calories per hour. However, a very energetic partner can burn 250 calories per hour. But before you get too smug about how physical you are when you make love, realize that it’s 250 calories per hour. Since most people make love for fewer than 15 minutes, they burn only 60 calories, no matter how vigorously they make love. That’s equal to only a quarter of an ice cream cone.

At the absolute height of lovemaking, you can burn 400 calories per hour, but the longest climaxes last 15 seconds and consume only 1.6 calories. You can make love if you want, but it’s not worth it.