Drinking more than 5 cups of coffee increases your chances of suffering a heart attack. (1) Drinking more than 2 cups of filtered coffee a day raises blood pressure, but not cholesterol. (2)

Most previous studies show that drinking fewer than six cups of filtered coffee a day does not cause cancer, heart disease or strokes. However a recent study in the American journal of Epidemiology shows that even a single cup of coffee raises blood pressure and it raises blood pressure most in people who already have high blood pressure. (2) High blood pressure increases your chances of suffering heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, people with even borderline high blood pressure should limit their intake of coffee.

Studies done in Europe show that drinking coffee raises cholesterol, while those done in America show that it does not. This difference is due to the fact that Europeans drink boiled coffee, while Americans drink filtered coffee. (3) Filtering removes a fatty acid in coffee that raises cholesterol. (4) If you have high blood pressure, you should try to stop drinking coffee, but most heavy coffee drinkers are addicted to coffee and withdrawing from it causes headaches, tiredness and depression and many are unable to function at their usual level of efficiency. Students may be unable to learn and writers may not be able to write. (5) However, caffeine dependance usually disappears after a week or two.