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Preventing Diabetes to Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

The Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) followed 568 men with diabetes, pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Erectile dysfunction (ED), inability to achieve and maintain an erection, was reported by 37 percent of men with diabetes and 41 percent of those with pre-diabetes.

Charles Osgood, TV and Radio Host

Charles Osgood was a brilliant radio and TV host who died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. He was best known for being the host of CBS News Sunday Morning TV show for 22 years, from April 1994 until September 2016, and of daily radio reports, “The Osgood File,” for 46 years, from 1971 until 2017. He was probably suffering from memory lapses when he announced his retirement as anchor of Sunday Morning, about eight years before his death.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia May Be The Same Disease

A recent study found that that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome may actually be the same diseases. It is easy to understand the similarity of the two conditions with different names. Both are characterized by extreme muscle fatigue and tiredness as if a person had just run a marathon, even though they walked only a few feet. Both also involve sleep and memory problems.

Robert Oppenheimer, Father of the Atomic Bomb

The film Oppenheimer is scheduled to be released on July 21, 2023, by Universal Pictures. It describes the emotional price Robert Oppenheimer paid for creating the atomic bomb.  Seventy-five years ago, on August 6 and 9, 1945, the United States detonated two atom bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing between 129,000 and 226,000 people.

Adan Canto: Cancer of the Appendix

Adan Canto was a Mexican- born American actor in television series includimg “The Cleaning Lady”, “The Following”, “Designated Survivor”, “Narcos” and “Blood and Oil." He played Sunspot in the movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” and he wrote and directed the films “Before Tomorrow and “The Shot”.

High Triglycerides Are a Major Risk Factor for Heart Attacks and Diabetes

Having blood triglyceride levels above 150 mg/dL (1.7 mmol/L) puts you at increased risk for a heart attack, stroke, or heart valve disease, even if your blood cholesterol levels are normal (Eur Heart J, Dec 2021;42(47):4791-4806). About 10 percent of North Americans suffer from high triglyceride levels. High triglycerides are often found in people who are diabetic, obese or alcoholic.

Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Attacks and Strokes

Two studies were presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Studies (2023), showing that regular use of marijuana markedly increases risk for heart attacks and strokes in people with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol (CNN Health, Nov 6, 2023). Marijuana increases risk for heart failure by about one-third, compared to people who reported never using marijuana.

Exercising in Cold Weather

Heart attacks and strokes are associated with high blood pressure and increased clotting, and systolic blood pressure increases up to 1.7 mm Hg in the winter months compared to the summer months.  Cold weather is associated with an increased incidence of heart attacks. If you have heart or lung disease, you are far more likely to die in cold weather than in the heat

Frank Ryan, Great Quarterback and Brilliant Mathematician

Frank Ryan was an all-star quarterback in the National Football League in his 13 years primarily with the Cleveland Browns, and he was also an outstanding mathematician. He received his bachelor degree in physics and his Ph.D. in mathematics from prestigious Rice University. From 1967 to 1971 was a math professor at Case Western Reserve, often teaching math classes in the morning and going to football practice with the Cleveland Browns in the afternoon.

Body Odor is Usually Harmless

All people can develop body odor when certain bacteria or fungi colonize on their skin. Normal sweat doesn’t smell when it first reaches your skin. The odor usually comes only after certain microbes on the skin’s surface break down the fat in sweat to form chemicals that smell. Most sweat glands produce sweat that contains no fat, but the sweat glands around the breasts, genitals and armpits produce sweat that contains fat.