If you're 60, 70, 80 or any age and want a really fun way to exercise, try a Trike! You have no problem with balance, no risk of falling, and you can move as fast (or slow) as you like. Climbing hills is no problem because the gears go down really low, you won't fall over no matter how slow you are, and you can stop right in the middle of the hill if you get tired.

Diana on her single trike with Thunder and Churchill

I got my trike so I would have a good way to exercise my dogs, who can run much faster than I can. It's so much fun that when I'm through riding with my dogs for 2-5 miles, I go another 20-30 miles by myself. One guy who passed me on the trail said "that's like taking a lawn chair out for a ride" – and he's right, it's that easy and comfortable.

Save gas and use your tricycle to go shopping or wherever you want to go.

My single trike is a Catrike; I also have a Greenspeed, made in Australia. We also have tandem trikes.  There are lots of other brands and styles to fit your taste and budget. Ask your local bike store, or go to www.bike123.com . Try one out. You'll love it!  

If you can't keep up with other riders, read about  Our Electric Assist Bike

Thunder loves to run alongside the trike


He's a Weimaraner who needs lots of exercise


Even without a dog alongside you'll get lots of comments.


Checked 5/2/16