Chewing Raises Blood Sugar Response to Food


Chewing rice 30 times before swallowing it raised blood sugar much higher than chewing rice 15 times (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published online November 13, 2013).
• Glucose Response was raised from 155 to 184mmol/min/l
• Peak Glycemic Index: 2.4 to 2.8mmol/l, and
• Glycemic Index: 68 to 88.

The more you chew your food up, the more quickly the food gets broken down into sugars in your intestines, so your blood sugar rises higher after you eat. Anything that breaks up large particles of food into tiny particles or liquids causes a higher rise in blood sugar. Other studies show that the higher blood sugar rises, the more weight you gain, the more likely you are to develop diabetes, and the more likely you are to suffer cell damage and premature death.

Checked 10/23/18