Phytochemicals are substances found in plants that have been identified by researchers as beneficial to
humans. We have identified only a few of the thousands of phytochemicals, and we do not fully
understand how they work. Here are a few that have been linked to prevention of specific diseases.

Phytochemicals That Help to Prevent Cancer:

peppers contain capsaicin,

citrus fruits and tomatoes contain coumarins,

berries, peppers, carrots, tomatoes contain flavinoids and

tomatoes and fruits contain lycopenes.

soybeans contain genistein

sulforophane in broccoli

Garlic, onions and chives contain S-allycysteine which help to prevent cancer-causing nitrosamine from
forming in your stomach.

Licorice contains triterpenoids

the cabbage family contains indoles and isothiocyanates

Beans, peas and lentils contain genistein

Phytochemicals that Help to Prevent Heart Attacks:

Barley, wheat and flaxseed contains lignins

Beans, peas and lentils contain genistein

onions and garlic contain alicin

Checked 7/13/12