Turmeric and Other Anti-Inflammatory Spices


Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, as are many other spices such as cinnamon or ginger.  Turmeric roots are available in some produce sections, and ground (dry) turmeric is in virtually every spice section.  It’s a widely used spice, especially in Indian dishes, and we recommend using it that way.  Many other spices have similar anti-inflammatory properties, so if you eat a flavorful plant-based diet you will be getting all of their advantages.  See https://drmirkin.com/nutrition/antiinflammatory-and-proinflammatory-foods.html

All of the anti-inflammatory foods help to control the many diseases of inflammation, where your immune system stays too active; see Inflammation Can Help or Harm

However, we think that buying turmeric supplements (capsules or liquid) is a  mistake because you have no idea what you are actually getting.  The supplement industry is totally unregulated and unless you are a chemist, you have no way to tell what is in the package. If you choose to use supplements, I suggest that you do what you can to assure yourself that the products have perhaps undergone some independent testing, such as the work done by ConsumerLab.com.

Many of Diana’s recipes include turmeric as an ingredient, such as

Summer Vegetable Curry
Seafood Spanish Rice
Spicy Garden Pea Soup
Many more call for a mild curry powder, of which turmeric will be a major ingredient. Just enter the word “curry” in our search engine and enjoy!

Checked 8/4/23