Sweet Potatoes vs White Potatoes


Should you avoid white potatoes and eat sweet potatoes instead?

Both white potatoes and sweet potatoes contain a variety of nutrients. Here’s the comparison:

7-ounce white potato with skin: 220 calories, 5g protein, 51g carbs, 20mg calcium, 115mg phosphorus, 2.8mg iron, 16mg sodium, 844mg potassium, 4g fiber, .22mg thiamin, .07mg riboflavin, 3.3mg niacin, 16mg vitamin C

7-ounce sweet potato: 208 calories, 3.5g protein, 49g carbs, 56mg calcium, 110mg phosphorus, 1mg iron, 20mg sodium, 693mg potassium, 5g fiber, 4350 RE vitamin A, .14mg thiamin, .13mg riboflavin, 1.2mg niacin, 49mg vitamin C.

So, as you can see, sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin A, and have a little more vitamin C and calcium (but less iron) than white potatoes; otherwise they’re pretty much equal. We eat the potato skins as well as the flesh; the skins of many vegetables and fruits are concentrated sources of nutrients and fiber. Here white potatoes have the advantage because their skins have a pleasant taste and texture, while sometimes sweet potato and yam skins are rough, stringy and unpleasant to chew.  Your choice.

If you’re diabetic or trying to lose weight, eat your root vegetables WITH other foods, as part of a meal, not alone as a snack.

Here are some of Diana’s favorite recipes using sweet potatoes:

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And for white potatoes:

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Checked 5/1/21