Microwaving Eggplant


This is the easiest way to prepare eggplant and no oil is required, so you don’t add unnecessary calories!

Select a shiny, firm eggplant. Cut off the stem end. Pierce the skin in several places with a sharp knife. Set the plate on a microwave-safe dish and cook it on high for 7-10 minutes, or until it collapses. (Time varies depending on the strength of your microwave).

Let it cool a little so you can handle it, then cut it into pieces or mash it up, depending on your recipe. It will be soft and delicious, ready to be added to salads, casseroles or soups. Here’s my favorite:

Quinoa with Eggplant

You can use this method to shorten the cooking time in several of my recipes that call for eggplant, including:

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